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GeoDesign Architecture

Enhanced-Wellness Project Consulting

Sustainable, Green EcoLuxury, Innovative Solutions

Through an ancient modern co-creation process with our Clients, we offer globally a unique, innovative EcoDesign experience through GeoDesign EcoProject Consulting and Project Management. We bring our Partners' Visions to Life. 
Our Core Purpose is: Creating greater access to an enhanced-wellness GeoDesigns and Architectural Plans for:    *EcoHomes
                * Sustainable boutique Yoga Wellness Retreat Centers
                * Agricultural EcoCommunities 
                * Healting Arts Centers 
                *Advanced Corporate Wellness Centers
  In every aspect of nature and our Universe, we find GeoDesign. Sacred Bungalows Inc works intimately with these fundamentals of Life Design, and incorporate them uniquely, into eco-luxury, innovative, wellness-enhancing interiors.
Sacred Bungalows Inc embodies these elemental GeoDesign Principles and integrate them into every detailed Architectural apppointment and functional green-living scope of Property GeoDesign.
Sacred Bungalows' Core GeoDesign Team are experts EcoVision Project creation and Management. 
  Wellness Retreat Centers  •  EcoResorts  •  Sustainable Ag-Community Designs  •  EcoHomes 
      Delegates and Presenters at the 2020 www.GlobalWellnessSummit. com  
                       Members of the #PositvelyWell Global Campaign
                                         Together we Rise.

GeoArchitectural EcoDesigns

that inspire New Life and  renewed Purpose.

Sacred Bungalows, Inc. brings over 35 years of hand-on wisdom, and GeoDesign/Build experience through in every detail of our EcoDesigns and innovative, custom Projects.

EcoLiving, Enhanced Wellness Design, integrated Smart-systems, premiere ecoGreen Materials and Green sustainable Products. and Architectural 2D Plans and exquisite custom

3D Render Packages. Our Global Services can accomodate and offer support in developing your Vision into multimedia, Presentations and Project Management and Tracking, all remotely.

Our global network is vast and actively aligned to seamlessly co-Create your EcoProject Dream.


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