Imagine a world where access to the wellness retreat experience is attainable

The opportunity to experience healthy lifestyle choices and the co-creation of wellness destination centers and EcoResorts with PURPOSE is our purpose.  We endeavor to create a vibrant, healthy community and EcoCulture globally to unify and nurture the understanding of what a greater social awareness and exchange of positive ideas means to all of our future.

Sacred Bungalows Inc. and our global Core Team offer professional, highly-specialized, enhanced-wellness, GeoDesign, and Build Consulting to innovative EcoHomes, EcoResorts, and  Sustainable Wellness Retreat Centers.  Our unique, integrative GeoDesign process is highly personable, supportive, and unique in that it involves You and your Vision - from start to finish.


Through a natural progression we call 'Co-Creative GeoDesign', we enhance the wellness improving qualities of every bungalow, space, and venue layout - using process and ancient principles of GeoDesign - creating with Earth and Universal applied principles.


We believe in professionally supporting any Eco Vision Project into realitySacred Bungalows, Inc. brings many decades of hands-on global experience, and ancient traditional wisdom into the Design and Build of exquisite:

  •  World-Class EcoDestination Centers

  •  EcoAg Retreats, and Farms

  •  Luxurious EcoLodges

  •  Boutique EcoResorts


In addition to Project Consulting/Management, we are proud to offer these exclusive services (full-scale, Architect stamped, and engineered):

  •  GeoDesigns

  •  Architectural Plans

  •  2D Floor and Property Plans

  •  Vivid 3D Renders

The future is enhanced-wellness design and Eco-Living.  Let us share with you how and why that is important now, everywhere.  Follow us and stay tuned for ways to connect and share!

Members of the #PositvelyWell Global Campaign Selected Delegates at the 2020 www.GlobalWellnessSummit. com .

EcoResort Project

Co-Creation + Partnerships

Sacred Bungalows, Inc. is currently offering exciting Eco-Investment opportunities for short and long-term Financial Partners!

We combine our GeoDesign/Build Consulting/Management global services, with expansive investment opportunities for those interested in growing with us as we co-create EcoDestinations in Vanuatu, Indonesia, and Beyond...


Michael Crowley

Founder & CEO

Sacred Bungalows, Inc.

Raised in nature's wonders, at sea, and close to the Earth - Michael has lived a life immersed in cultures globally, creating, building, and learning alongside Masters of ancient design/build Traditions that enhance wellness, Spirit, culture, and Life.  A dedicated Father of two USA Swimmer daughters, and future Women leaders, he brings his DreamSeed Vision and offering to the world, Sacred Bungalows Inc. GeoDesign Consulting with purpose of Source and enhanced-wellbeing Designs.

From 14 years of age, Michael passionately studied alternative Architecture and Designs. He studied with leaders in the fields of underground and alternative building modalities.  He began sailing the world at 17 and lived and worked closely with tribal and native peoples in far-flung regions of the world, for one reason; to remember deep within the Wisdom that is creating enhanced-wellness, abodes, and environs, to elevate Life and our experience in it.

Experiencing 30 years of hands-on work and studies in varieties of ancient design/build cultures, he has an inherent understanding of the universal fundamentals by which all things are made, in synchronization with the GeoDesign of our very nature, our life's journey, and our relationship to spaces we inhabit.

Sailing and star navigating the global seas before GPS and internet, he designed and created EcoResorts, EcoLodges, movie sets in Africa, as well as multiple world-class recording studios for Grammy Award Winning artists. His studies and initiations in Sacred Sound with Aboriginal Elders at the age of 18, have led him on a worldwide, lifetime epic Journey wherein he has culminated the essence of ancient design/build and it's correlation to life, as well as to all Creation. We can experience enhanced-wellness in Ancient Modern ways when we implement and design utilizing GeoDesign Architecture, and fundamental principles of the universe we live in.  Embark on a Co-Creation Journey with us, and allow your Vision to organically and professionally, come to Life!

Maria Gamboa

Director of Architecture

3D Render Expert


University De Los Andes

Maria Gamboa, Architect, joins Sacred Bungalows Inc as our Director of Architecture and Lead Architect/Designer.  She is a visionary architect who draws on a vast base of experience and wisdom in GeoArchitecture as well.

Her expert and innovative approach reflects the finest elements of EcoLuxury, fundamentals of enhanced-wellness while preserving warmth and sustainability in all her works.  Together with our Team, we offer our Clients and Partners unrivaled eco-innovation living in everything we create.


Welcome to a new era of GeoDesigned, Wellness-Enhanced, World-Class EcoLuxury Retreat Centers, EcoResort Destinations, EcoHomes, and EcoProperty Investment opportunities!

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