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Who we are

Inspiring, eco-aligned, and Enhanced-Wellness Living in elegant simplicity, is our Purpose. Eco-Luxury, high-vibe living Designs, and exquisite environs, is what we co-create with You. At Sacred Bungalows, We believe these vital elements are essential in aligning your Vision, Design, and Project.


Sacred Bungalows fuses Ancient Architectural Arts, with the Eco-Modern and a touch of class, into a natural symbiosis that reflects pure beauty. We aspire to Co-Create magnificence with You in Design, Consulting, and Enhanced-Wellness Eco-Project Management

Our Global Vision

For over 30 years, our Founder has lived internationally studying the ancient Eco-Architectural Arts. Backed by decades of Eco-Project Consulting, materials wisdom, and the experience learnt from worldwide Masters of Design and Craftsmanship, making Sacred Bungalows a unique and natural choice for eco-minded people and projects..


Specializing  in Designs that incorporate Bio-Dynamic Living, Off-Grid Systems, along with Wellness-Tech Integrations, SACRED BUNGALOWS sets higher standard in conscious, Eco-Design. Our Plans and Renders, as well as our custom Design/Build of Eco-Luxury Homes, Wellness Retreats, Eco-Resorts, and more; span the globe, and have been featured in various media and publications.


At Sacred Bungalows we believe, 'that greater awareness to Enhanced-Wellness Living and Designs that elevate Life', is Aloha.

Retreats and Centers

Eco-Destinations that Enhance Life.

SACRED BUNGALOWS offers international Eco-Project Design Consulting and Project Management, with2D Architectural Plans, 3D Rendering Visual Sets, and Site Planning, and Development.

Aligned with our global network of affiliates and brands, Sacred Bungalows can serve your quality EcoProject desired needs professionally, anywhere on the planet.

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Eco-Designs with a touch of luxury.
Off-grid Sustainability, Enhanced-Wellness, Aligned Eco-Living.


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